Dalia Vernikovsky


Dalia Vernikovsky has more than 20 years in business development, product development and sales for capital equipment and critical materials for the semiconductor industry. She is successful in developing a $90-million market share for high-performance o-rings with major OEMs and end users. She established Chemraz as industry-leading original equipment and spares incumbent. Prior to joining ASNA,Inc., she served as vice president for Brooks Automation, where she headed up global operations with Intel and major OEMs.

As a former member of the SEMI Sales and Marketing Executive Council and chair of SEMI Standards for polymeric applications, she wrote SEMI standard #3205 addressing elastomeric product challenges, which has now been ratified as SEMI standard 5080 and is the first sealing standards of its kind. She has authored many technical publications to underscore the importance of education and awareness to mitigate defectivity and contamination and continues to push forward for additional standards to meet the stringent requirements of advanced manufacturing.

In early 2013, Dalia engaged SEMI with a vision initiative of forming a ground-breaking special interest group that would represent, for the first time, the common interests of subsystem and component suppliers. Dalia has served as the Chair of the SCIS committee since its official launch in July 2013. Today, it is a vibrant and highly active special interest group of 50 members that includes both suppliers and customers engaged in supporting key industry issues mainly in defectivity, standards, roadmap development, and more.

Dalia is also a black belt in the art of US Martial Arts Karate as well as a member of several non-profit organizations which champion both reducing animal cruelty and adoption to special need communities.

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