Session 2.2 - Design To Test: Accelerating Silicon bring up by Breaking Barriers Between EDA and ATE.

Moscone North Room 21 Wednesday, July 10
2:40pm to 3:05pm

Complexity of modern semiconductor devices presents significant challenges to the design engineer, test engineer and the design-for-test (DFT) engineer.  At the same time, new silicon bring-up and time to market pressures are  increasing. When first silicon comes out, the DFT and test engineer have to debug issues quickly and efficiently.  This is currently hindered by a lack of standard communication methodology between DFT(EDA) and test(ATE).  Bring up takes weeks when it should take days.

This presentation will describe a new standards-based (IEEE 1687) solution to this bring up challenge where the EDA/DFT tool (Mentor Tessent® SiliconInsight®) connects over the network to ATE tools (Teradyne UltraFlex and Advantest 93000).  The interface, ATE-Connect™, is an api that leverages the TCP/IP protocol.  A case study will be presented showing an IJTAG example. Characterization / calibration results of a simple ADC will be shown on both the Teradyne and Advantest ATE systems.  

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