Session 5.2 - Bringing New Intelligence to Test: Enabling Smart Test Strategies with Real Time Data System

Moscone North Room 21 Thursday, July 11
2:40pm to 3:05pm

Future test cells will need to implement adaptive test strategies to address the challenges of increased quality and lower cost components.  Texas Instruments is addressing these challenges by developing the Real Time Data System (RTDS) to transform existing test floors into an Industry 4.0 test system without disrupting existing testers and product.  RTDS is a system of applications built on the SEMI RITdb spec and GURU, a distributed database application developed by Roos Instruments.  The RTDS system improves both the quality of the product and reducing the cost of test through standardized rule management, error tracking, resource tracking across manufacturing, and has the flexibility to accommodate additional applications for future challenges.  Future test cells can broadcast data directly through the RITdb messaging standard, while legacy test cells can communicate with the RTDS system through a test floor reflector.  This means that the RTDS system can be built with incremental implementation and in parallel with existing systems.  Because it can be implemented on any system and uses a standard IoT messaging system, RTDS provides standardized, flexible plug-and-play access to test cell status and test data throughout the manufacturing system and life of the product.  This will allow future test floors to take advantage of both immediate and historical data to enable smarter test strategies to reduce test costs and improve quality.

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