Transportation Pavilion: Advancements in Automotive Sensors

Smart Transportation Pavilion, South Hall Wednesday, July 10
1:30pm to 4:30pm

At the forefront of autonomous vehicle and advanced driver assist system technology, sensors play the key role in providing the state of awareness in and around the vehicle. This session takes a look at the advancements of Automotive Sensors that enable the features of tomorrow’s innovation in an autonomous vehicle, user experience, and safety.

Adrian Koh, Sr. Director, Automotive Business Development, Alpha & Omega Semiconductor


  • Sanjay Bhandari, PhD, CTO & Sr. VP, mCube
  • Manju Hegde, PhD, CEO & Co-founder, Uhnder
  • Junwei Bao, PhD, CEO & Co-founder, Innovusion
  • Ben Landen, Director of Product, DeepScale
  • Maha Chour, PhD, Founder & CEO, Metawave 
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